First off, welcome to my little spot in the world wide webs. My name is Estefania Sandoval and yes, my mom’s inspiration for my name was from the infamous princess of Monaco. Aside from the name, the princess and I have no other similarities or affiliations. Although if she ever invites me to join in on the family equestrian adventures, I won’t decline.

I love food. I enjoy eating it, making it, watching others make it, photographing it, and going out to local restaurants and trying what they have to offer. I have two amazing grandmothers who can throw it down in the kitchen. Seriously. Neither ever stepped foot in culinary school but have had very wealthy and important people licking their plates and asking for more. Both worked their entire lives as humble house servants who ended up as the cooks at their fancy homes’ kitchens. It is from them that I got this love for all things food, cooking, and baking.

Aside from food, I have a master’s degree in geology and I work as an environmental consultant. We deal with concerned clients, environmental attorneys, real estate folks, and the likes. Short story? the job is stressful! I also thoroughly enjoy photography, music (indie pop-rock is my sweet spot), all animals except a lot of insects (especially roaches eww), all things Disney-Star Wars-Harry Potter-Lord of the Rings, and runDisney. There’s a bunch of other things I enjoy but trying to keep this short.

About This Blog

Now I hope you enjoy my blog that is mostly about food, my solo journey in the beloved kitchen (took off the grandma training wheels and going unsupervised), and sporadic lifestyle posts that can range from just about anything going on in my life (most likely still related to food in some way).

I started this blog to not only share the knowledge passed onto me from the family, but to also have an escape from the mundane daily routine that is adulting with a job and non-human children (dogs and cats at the moment). Aside from all the things I love and enjoy, food has always been one of my favorite. Growing up in a family and culture that fully embraces food, I definitely grew up in the right environment. When I travel, the first things I look for are places to eat and try out. When I wake up, first thing I think about is what I’m going to eat. I honestly workout so I can eat and ‘cheat’.

I hope you enjoy reading my journey and try out the recipes I share on my blog! As someone who still feels like a newbie with a lot of book and observation knowledge, putting my ‘skills’ to the test and sharing them with you is a total step out of my comfort zone. Enjoy your visit!